Our Mission

The Dillon Henry Foundation has been created to honor the memory of Dillon Henry, a remarkable teenager, who wanted to make the world a better place and planned to do it through great leadership and compassion.

Our mission is to create a worldwide community of individuals who show compassion and are compelled to take personal responsibility to change the world for the better. To inspire individuals to continue to understand the needs of the community and the world at large, and for those fortunate enough who have been beneficiaries to “pass it forward”.

What Is Dillon’s List?

Dillonslist (the List) is a compilation of individuals who share Dillon’s dream of making the world a better place. By participating, in one of many ways, your name will be put on the list permanently as a proud contributor. We continuously look to create new ways of expanding our reach to help heal the world.

We are able to take new proposals and will share all our accomplishments. We seek to honor those individuals who have stepped up to make life better for those in need.

How do you get on Dillon's list?

Donate or secure a donation of a minimum of $100 to the Foundation.

Complete 10 hours of community service in activities that relate to the approved charities and activities in the organization.

For example, events sponsored by Surfrider or other ocean environmental programs, participating in school organized or other sanctioned projects for Darfur and the Congo, and/or work with CASA or other sanctioned foster care programs.

Bring forth a new project that the foundation grants as part of our mission.

The Dillon Henry Foundation is a 501(C)(3) non-profit.All donations are fully tax deductible.